Marathon running: Top five benefits of the exercise

New Delhi: Marathon appeals to different people in a lot of different ways. Not only this mode of exercise comes light on the pocket, the health benefits which follow are innumerable. It would be no exaggeration if marathon is said to be a sport that includes an assortment of advantages from physical to psychological.

1) Checks cardio-respiratory fitness

In order to maintain high level of cardio-respiratory fitness, the body requires proper delivery of oxygen to muscles. Anyone who is habitual in running long marathons is three-times more efficient in oxygen consumption.

2) Stress reduction

Running marathons help in reducing stress and cutting down on anxiety. It’s scientifically proven that marathons help in sharpening focus, providing relief to muscle tension and strengthening posture.

3) Strengthens Knees

Running strengthens the knees in runners by increasing bone mass and helping to curb age-related bone loss. However, those with weak knees must consult doctor before starting with this exercise.

4) Fights depression

It’s known globally that running helps in fighting depression. Marathons help in release of beta endorphins, neurotransmitters produced in the pituitary gland that boost immunity, relieve pain, and improve well-being.

5) Cuts down on excess fats

Running long distance at least 4 times a week helps in reducing fats in the body.

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